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Walking the path of righteousness

When thinking about "walking the path of righteousness" you often wonder what it really means. When I was a young adult and new believer in Jesus, I was told that righteousness was in what you put on. In other words, what type of clothes you wore and how you wore them to be exact? Pants were considered "unrighteous". Skirts were out of the question too, especially if they were not four inches below the knee or past the ankles. Oh, and don't get me talking about the doily that I had to wear on my head. You know the doily right? That's the round lace circle thing that my grandmother used to make and put a lamp on it. It's not to say that those things were wrong--just that more understanding is needed. Righteousness is not what you wear on the outside, however, righteousness is a heart matter. Definitely, what is in the heart will surely manifest on the outside. According to, righteousness is described as one, acting in accord with divine or moral law, free from guilt or sin; and two, to be morally right or justified; making a righteous decision. 1 Thessalonian 2:10 describes righteousness as pure, upright and blameless in our conduct towards others. In other words, how we treat others tells a lot about the condition of our heart.

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